Targets are they a good thing?

Seeing the quote below recently from Deming, the author of ‘Out of the Crises’ is very pertinent. Targets drive behaviour.

Listening is a talent.

Listening to people, others opinions, markets, problems is at the core of the ‘philosophy’ of Bubble. Attempting to have a

10 competencies all change agents need.

The graphic below caught my eye on Twitter. It captures the features that you need to lead through change, to

Aspenify scope

I like this diagram from when we initialy thought through the Aspenify knowledge management platform. It demonstrates the number of

What good listeners actually do.

Listening is a great skill and one that is fundamental to engaging with individials who have ‘mental’ health issues. It

Dave Packard’s 11 Simple Rules

The founders of Hewlett-Packard were Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. They created a culture which permiated the whole business. It

Partners and Clients