Our Faith Leaders

Faith plays a key role in many individuals lives.

It gives them a reason to meet, a focus to engage with, a theology for life and often a support network in times of crisis. For many it is their reason for life.

Bubble works with people of no faith and those that choose to believe. Our philosophy is one of we can all learn from each other and through respecting our heritages and experience we can all thrive.

Bubble does believe that we should all harness our many and varied gifts to create opportunities for all.

The people talked about in this section have been good friends to our organisation and our lives.

The Christian churches have created a website of ‘content’ that can be found by clicking here.

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Peter Horlock - Church of England - Manchester

Manchesters Business Vicar

Serving professionals and business leaders in the city centre business community.
Providing: one-to-one,confidential support for business leaders. Topical seminars on key business and lifestyle issues. Creating  opportunities for people to explore the integration of faith and work, and to investigate the bigger questions of life during their working week.

Dave Fraser - United Reformed Church - Greater Manchester and Cheshire

Dave is the Missional Partnership convenor across 36 United Reformed Churches in the South Manchester Area based in England.

He has a wealth of experience assisting the conception and creation of Social Enterprises.

He is particularly skilled and assisting people across many groups and with seemingly conflicting interests to work forward together.

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