Our Services

Bubble are a team of consultants and associates specialising in imparting entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, experience and advice to Start-Up’s, Businesses, Social Enterprises, the Public sector, Projects, Individuals and Educational programmes.

Bubbles does this through a process of listening and understanding requirements and then offering bespoke packages of work that help.

Bubble is involved in creating ‘iPlaybooks’ and these form the basis of our intellectual property and making our work scalable and repeatable.

Having amassed a large ‘bank’ of skills, knowledge and experience Bubble now focuses on sharing this capability globally to build a platform of like minded people striving to contribute positively to society.

All the services that are listed below have iPlaybooks’ that support their delivery. All these playbooks will be deliverable and orderable online through the platform we are partnering in developing.

Please call us if any of these services potentially fill a need in your entrepreneurial journey whether you are a business or an individual.

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Planning your venture

We help our clients’ business grow by building ‘iPlaybooks‘.

Bubble consultants and associates have developed a methodology to apply to the planning of a venture.

Through workshops, meetings, ideation sessions and research Bubble can help you develop your ideas.

You just need to be aware.

Sometimes we will not want to continue as we think you are launching into a market that is over crowded, or the idea is not strong enough.

But we will take a first good look!

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Developing your venture

Bubble can develop all aspects of clients’ business ventures using ‘iPlaybooks‘.

Bubble have extensive experience, both directly from projects that we have been engaged with, and indirectly through the associates and professionals that Bubble have and do work with.

The knowledge, gleaned feeds our ‘iPlaybook’ capability and offers lasting value to our clients both at ‘Work’ and within ‘Life’ situations.

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Partners and Clients