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The considerable experience that Bubble Enterprises CIC and the Bubble Partnership have built up around designing, building and operating enterprises has been captured and turned into different training courses for different audiences.

Technical University courses have used Bubble to deliver ‘enterprise awareness’ and business communication skills’ modules within their scientific courses. The objective of these sessions is to assist students in becoming more ’rounded’ appreciating that the science is important, but the ability to communicate the ‘science’ is what success depends on.

Business Schools have used Bubble to facilitate ‘enterprise’ programmes within global MBA programmes, liasing with industry to offer real world business problems for the MBA level students to study as part of their courses. Bubble personel and associates can often be embedded as the real world experinece that enhances the theoretical delivery of MBA courses.

Start Up Businesses have leveraged ‘experience’ to plan their businesses and develop their propositions. Through working with patent clinics and professional experts Bubble have provided many hours of bespoke aoching to budding entrepeneurs. These talented individuals come from many walks of life both acedemically gifted and just plain driven to succeed.

Strategic Health Authorities have commissioned and deployed ‘coaching’ ‘mentoring’ and ‘business fundamentals’ courses from Bubble for deployment to their target cohorts. Often individuals living with mental health conditions.

Should you wish for a programme to be designed for you then please get in contact. Bubbles core motivation is to package our collective knowledge and expertise to build better futures for people.


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