Our Inspirations

People with mental health conditions have been stigmatised for many years.

Many have seen fit to take their own lives!

As we have learnt more about mental health we have all realised that people are on a spectrum from challenged to genius.

Vincent Van Gogh

But many try and learn to manage their conditions, harness their creativity, focus their energy and contribute to the society that is around them. The people and compoanies mentioned on this page have all helped the directors, employees and voluteers of Bubble Enterprises CIC to understand how we may contribute to them on their lifes journey.

What price talent?

Bubble strives to create the Playbooks, Projects, Connections and Platforms that will provide these often inspiring individuals the tools to suceed.

However and wherever they choose to.

Sue Dixon - Founding Director of Bubble Enterprises CIC

Sue Dixon ‘inspired’ much activity and knowledge into Bubble Enterprises. She led the development and excecution of many of our projects.

Her empathy and imagination helped turn many lives in a positive direction.

She is now enjoying a well earned retirement, probably still dreaming up projects that could help society as a whole.

Jason Parr

Jason Parr first met Bubble as an Employee at the Oasis Bubble Cafe based at Stepping Hill hospital in Stockport. He was both an enthusiastic employee and became legendary for his knowledge and expertise in making and pouring coffee.

His attention to detail has also been put to good use creating his own business caring and building wooden products which he continues to make in his new home…. Workington.

Alexander J. Lesbirel
Munyi Mwara
Hayley Xenophontos
Nickala Torkington

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