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The lifecycle of a business or enterprise can be split into five stages, and it’s the ideas and challenges at each of these pivotal points that we cover in depth through our business consultancy services.

During an initial Bubble Consulting engagement session, we’ll identify which stage you’re at in the enterprise lifecycle and identify where we can deliver most value.

Our consultants provide a range of workshops at each stage of the business lifecycle, so your experience can be tailored to your specific needs or goals. Click through below to find out more about our enterprise creation workshops.

Stage 1: Business opportunities

Business opportunities can be found or made: every enterprise has to start somewhere. Our workshops at Stage 1 focus on assessing opportunities in terms of market, industry and governance, as well as how new, useful and feasible (NUF) a venture may be – and why that matters.

1.1 Is this a good opportunity?

1.2 Is the market attractive?

1.3 Is the industry attractive?

1.4 Can the team deliver

Stage 2: Ideation and testing: ideas, products and customers

Will your idea work? How will you turn that idea into a product or service and measure the response? Our Stage 2 workshop is designed to help you build your hypothesis and test your assumptions.

Stage 3: Business model generation

A repeatable and scalable business model takes into account relationships, resources, revenue and more – we cover everything during our Stage 3 workshop about business modelling.

Stage 4: Resource acquisition

Funding is a vital element of business success. At Stage 4 we’ll help you plan for the phases of business development and align resources effectively.

Stage 5: Management and execution

Customer creation and company building are both covered in detail at Stage 5. At this level, we’ll work through the challenges of creating demand and building an enterprise to meet that demand, as well the benefits of creating a process map.

Many of the services listed on this page are deliveredin conjunction with Bubble Associates who you can read about by clicking here and assessing their fit to assist you. Please contact them directly if you think they can help you.

The tools and techniques that have been, and are, employed in these engagements have written into a text book that has been co-authored by Dr Leigh Wharton (Bubble Partnerships Ltd founder) along with Professor Oswaldo Lorenzo and Professor Peter Kawalek. They met through their joint teaching activities on MBA courses at the Alliance Manchester Business School.


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