Do you know where your going?

Entrpreneurs are talented people who often get wrapped up in their idea, their invention, their reason for existing and often

The Nolan Chart

The Nolan Chart is a political spectrum diagram created by American libertarian activist David Nolan in 1969. The chart charts political views along two axes, representing economic freedom and personal freedom. It expands political

Breaking the Higher education Value Chain

The decoupling of activities in some models of the traditional value chain is seen as an opportunity for the creation


The blockchain is a fully distributed, cryptographically secure database. The author Dan Tapscott announced, “The technology likely to have the

Business Processes

Diaz, Lorenzo and Solís suggest a taxonomy of business processes based on the value chain of any company. They propose

Process Map Definition

We have seen that a fundamental element of entrepreneurial execution is process management. In particular, startups should clearly define key

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