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In setting up and running any organisation, building your profile, attracting your clients or funders and communicating your outcomes and deliverable are vitally important. Finding a team with the right capabilities and creating the right working environment to deliver creativity is hit and miss. 


The fragmentation of the tools used, the disaggregation of communication means, brought on by the widespread use of social media, and the constant shifting of techniques and best practice. Finding potential partners with the right breadth of knowledge and the right balance of personal service and ability to produce compelling content is time consuming and can distract you from your purpose as a Charity, Social Enterprise or Commercial Business.

The Process.

Bubble has been through the process of evaluating technologies, pricing models, system capabilities for building the web presence and data management capabilities of any micro business.

The Outcomes.

Multiple websites have been built for charities, commercial companies and ourselves based on WordPress. Many CRM systems and workflow management systems have been evaluated and test driven, and Bubble is now partnering to create a shared services function that can deliver results to all sizes of business.

This company and its services will be launching in late 2020.

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