Individual Entrepreneurs

Click here to read about Dogs Allowed. A not for profit business that allows the exercising of dogs…. and their owners utilising a field based in Macclesfield

Click here to read about Dog House Grooming a social enterprise that looks after the dog population of Macclesfield!

Click here to read about Hayley Xenophontos and the Xenos Haven she has created in Heavily, Stockport

Click here to read about Little Large Canine Solutions and their work exercising and developing dogs in the Stockport and Levenshulme areas.

Bubble and its ‘Associates’ have also been involved with the following organisations:

Martin Conquest and his unique motor bikes
Phil Jepson of Jepson Holt specialist legal recruitment
  • Louise Cain – Photographer
  • Julie Yates – Peach Training
  • Yvonne Keely – Jasmine Waves
  • Pam Hanson – Author
  • Sue Rees – Urban Creatives
  • Jessica Symons – Oneless
  • Stringsta Ltd
  • Coconut Design
  • Choice Home Tutoring
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Partners and Clients