The ‘Order Generation’ Process

Generating income for your business is the oxygen that keeps the organisation alive. Without a good solid, sustainable base revenue you don’t have a business.

The Consumer Markets

The consumer market has traditionally, and some would say historically, depended on footfall and retailing skills.

The mantra was/is Location, Location, Location.

If you had a good location, a good brand and convenience you would have a sound income and a solid business.

The advent of the internet has changed that dramatically .

A strong brand, projected globally, can lead to significant sales and significant wins. Analysing the rise of Amazon and Apple demonstrates the value that can be created by building your business with the internet at the heart.

Business to Business Markets.

The skills associated with selling business to business have become increasingly valued, as the rewards for the organisations that master them can be significant.

Understanding ‘New Business’ selling.

Understanding ‘Installed Base’ selling.

Understanding ‘Major Account’ selling.

Understanding ‘Channel’ selling.

Understanding ‘Target Account’ selling.

Understanding ‘Partner Account Management’

These are all subtly different ‘order generation’ process skills.

Bubble and its Associates value:

Through the many years of hard-earned knowledge and experience that Bubble, its partners and Associates bring to any relationship, we can potentially contribute in many ways: Examples:

Bid writing

Value proposition generation

Professional sales skills.

Winning account strategies.

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