Resource Aquistion Services

Resource acquisition – funding, people and production resources – is one of the biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurs as they embark on their enterprise journey.

To begin with, it may be necessary for entrepreneurs to work within their means and expand their goals contingently over time. This is a process known as effectuation – that is, creating solutions with the resources available at that point in time.

An entrepreneur’s ‘means’ takes into account their networks, knowledge and identity, and is a starting point for establishing partnerships, connecting with investors, or deciding on creative ways to finance a startup – of which there are many.

In the resource acquisition service, Bubble will work with you to map out your means and help you identify the resource acquisition options available to you. 

Who are the resource acquisition services for?

Bubble’s resource acquisition services  are designed for entrepreneurs who have done the groundwork and are ready to launch their enterprise. Whether you’re in a position to connect with investors or looking for more creative ways to secure funding, our resource acquisition service will help you decide which financing options, or partner options are most suitable for your venture.   

Key themes

• Effectuation 

• Mapping out your means

• Creative financing options

• The phases of funding

Each engagement is a ‘bespoke’ service but priced on the basis of £50.00 per hour of a Bubble Consultant or Associates time, or priced against a defined specification of what needs delivering agreed in discussion.


As an entrepreneur you benefit from the breadth of experience of Bubble and its Associates and Building partnerships that have some track record of success. This reduces time to making your business idea sustainable and even profitable.

Resource acquisition covers everything from venture capital investment to crowdfunding. If you want to learn more about the phases of funding and the types of financing that would best suit your business, talk to us today about enterprise workshop 4.0. 

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