‘iPlaybooks’ – What are they?

At Bubble we have engaged in many projects, created many companies and had the privilege of coaching and developing many individuals.

Through our depth of experience we have gleaned much knowledge which we are working with our technology partner, Aspenify Inc, to create a suite of interactive Playbooks, ‘iPlaybooks’, that individuals and organisations can use to scale.

The ‘iPlaybooks’ accelerate the adoption of knowledge by individuals who can achieve their dreams faster. They accelerate the ability of organisations to build their brands and their organisations faster.

By capturing the experience and knowledge of our employees, associates, volunteers and entrepreneurs we believe we are creating a library of capabilities that will accelerate the growth of entrepreneurs, both individually and as businesses.

Our objective is to bring the individuals and organisations together, physically, virtually and with a focus to create best practice. It is an objective that is particularly relevant in COVID-19 times.

We conceptualised that the teams would need to work in collaboration, sharing content, developing plans and managing activities collectively.

We have labelled the result of this ‘iPlaybooks’ (Interactive Playbooks)

To facilitate this across distance and the replicate activities we envisaged that we needed a shared platform, and the entrepreneur Steve Hanney and his colleagues have created Aspenify. It helps you see the wood from the trees. It allows you to connect, it allows teams to innovate and ultimately, it leads to high performance, consistently.

Aspenify , iPlaybook Performance Studio, has the following features:

To Define and grow your own communities within secure Workspaces.

‘Workspace’ Setup and Configuration.

Invite Members and this leads within the ‘Workspace’ to form your personalised community.

A dashboard for viewing and coordinating all activities, content and notifications across each ‘Workspace’.

Set Defaults for your ‘Workspace’ to streamline access.

Bookmark favorite locations.

To Collaborate, capture and publish playbooks containing workflows, key activities, roles, activities and content.

Intuitive drag and drop interface.

Collaborative creation capabilities.

Real-time feedback.

Seamlessly link content to Activities.

Embedded Team Roles and Responsibilities Assignments.

Peer Review and Self-Publishing.

To Re – Use and Customize ‘Playbooks’ to coordinate events, projects or initiatives.

Transparent Individual, Group or overall Project Status.

Real-time updates for assigned activities.

Live Notifications and Alerts.

A Real-time Dashboard.

Step-by-Step, timeline and team checklist Views.

Provided as Web or Mobile App.

Continuously Improve Playbooks and initiatives based on Feedback

Bubble Enterprises are a global partner of Apenify as we jointly build ‘iPlaybooks’ that will facilitate radically faster and more efficient generation of social enterprises and knowledgeable entrepreneurs across society.

If you wish to join us on this journey please contact our Chairman Don Phillips on +44 7535 784357 or e-mail dp@bubbleenterprises.co.uk

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