Management and Execution Services.

Successful execution is the most challenging stage of enterprise creation. With no previous trading records or experience to inform strategy, structures and systems, a startup must create user demand in order to transition into a scalable business. 

At the execution stage, it’s time to implement the activities outlined in the business model, manage resources, and measure customer satisfaction.

In the management and execution services phase, we’ll evaluate the challenges and opportunities entrepreneurs face at the execution of customer development in areas such as strategy formulation, process management, performance measures and culture.

Other topics we’ll cover include the importance of cross-functional collaboration within your team and how to apply the Lean Startup methodology to processes as you start putting principles into practice. 

Who are Management and Execution Services?

The Bubble Management and Execution Services are designed for entrepreneurs who are either at the point of launching their startup, or who plan to reach this point in the near future. This workshop covers the challenges and opportunities you’ll face at the execution stage, how to manage a team efficiently and the importance of measuring metrics in the learning cycle.

Key themes

• Challenges and opportunities 

• Lean process thinking

• Measuring metrics 

Each engagement is a ‘bespoke’ service but priced on the basis of £50.00 per hour of a Bubble Consultant or Associates time, or priced against a defined specification of what needs delivering agreed in discussion.


As an entrepreneur you benefit from the breadth of experience of Bubble and its Associates and Building networks that have some track record of success. This reduces time to making your business idea sustainable, profitable and can accelerate growth, which creates opportunities for all stakeholders.

Millions of entrepreneurs come up with great ideas, but most fail at the execution stage. Bubble Consulting is here to help you blaze a trail where others have failed. Talk to us today to find out how enterprise workshop 5.0 can help steer you in the right direction.

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