Is your market attractive?

An attractive market is one where your target customers are ready to do business.

Reaching and engaging with your audience requires a thorough understanding of market elements such as size, trends and culture. Assessing the market in advance means you can plan for success with a clear idea of how your audience will respond.

Bubble Consultants and Associates can focus on assessing the market at both the macro and micro levels. At the macro level, Bubble’s consultants will help you measure the size of the market and the macro-environmental trends associated with the opportunity.

At the micro level, we’ll guide you in evaluating your audience to discover different segments, sizes, price points and whether these audience groups provide scope for expansion into other segments.

Who is workshop, feasibility studies and research activities for?

These engagements are designed for entrepreneurs who have identified a business opportunity and are ready to take their plans to the next level. It’s also a useful engagement for practitioners in business who would like a more thorough understanding of their target market – perhaps to identify new opportunities, respond to trends or to realign resources.

Key engagements:

Market Assessment Workshops: Priced by the hour. £50.00 per hour for prep time and presentation time plus travel and material expenses.

If you want your ‘business’ idea assessed by ‘mature’ students studying for a Global MBA please contact us.

What you get/benefits.

Undertaking an engagement with Bubbles Consultants and Associates allows you to reduce your time to market and benefit from the industry knowledge and practical experience of seasoned professionals.

If you’re ready to take your idea to the next level, talk to us today. We can help you evaluate your market and identify where you can deliver the most benefit – for your audience, and for your business.

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