Innovation Time

Entrepreneurs are ideas people, identifying opportunities to create or deliver value through enterprise.

Many of us will be aware of entrepreneurial success stories –

  • Apple’s Steve Jobs,
  • Arianna Huffington, who famously set up The Huffington Post,
  • Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg,
  • Microsoft founder Bill Gates
  • Rolls-Royce founders Charles Rolls and Sir Henry Royce

but if you’re ready to start your own story, the first step is to assess opportunity.

Perhaps you’ve outlined an idea for a business or project but want to figure out its potential for success, or maybe you’ve not yet identified a business opportunity but feel ready to harness your entrepreneurial spirit – either way, Bubble Consulting is here to help.

Innovation time focuses on business opportunities and how they can be shaped. We’ll look at how entrepreneurs create and transform possibilities to generate new opportunities, deliver value by assessing need and, in the case of social entrepreneurs, create socially beneficial outcomes.

Who is Innovation Time for?

Our innovation time is designed for people with budding business ideas in search of clarity and guidance, social entrepreneurs who want to drive change in society, and those keen to harness their entrepreneurial spirit by learning how to find or make business opportunities.

Key themes:

Is the market your thinking of attractive?

Is the industry your thinking of attractive?

Do you have a team that can deliver?

Have you finished the ideation and testing?

How long will this take?

The initial conversation is an about 45 minutes, by phone, Zoom, Teams or we could even meet physically!

Ready to start your own success story? Call the Bubble consultants today, or email us with a few details and we will set up a no-obligation chat.

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