Ideation and Testing Service:

The startup entrepreneur’s journey is a cycle of ongoing testing and measuring to deliver what best fits the market’s needs, while building a scalable business model.

In these early stages of enterprise, customer development is crucial. Through ideation and testing, entrepreneurs gather vital data that indicates whether a product or service will be welcomed by the market, or whether elements need to change.

In Bubble’s ideation and testing service, Bubble’s consultants will guide you through the four-step customer development process to help you identify your customer, gauge how well your product or service meets their needs, and evaluate whether you need to make changes – or pivot – to better cater for your audience.

We’ll also assess how you can progress through the build-measure-learn process as quickly and cheaply as possible using the lean startup methodology, which is designed to help you save time and money while maintaining momentum.

Who is ideation and testing for?

The ‘ideation and testing’ service is designed for entrepreneurs at the ideation and testing stage of enterprise creation. Using this service you’ll learn more about your customer and their needs, how to create a minimum viable product, whether to pivot or persevere with your plans, and how to build, measure and learn as cheaply as possible, in the shortest time frame.

Key themes:

·         The four stages of customer development

·         When to pivot or persevere

·         The lean startup methodology

·         Minimum viable product

Each engagement is a ‘bespoke’ service but priced on the basis of £50.00 per hour of a Bubble Consultant or Associates time, or priced against a defined specification of what needs delivering agreed in discussion.


As an entrepreneur you benefit from breadth of experience and trying your ‘value proposition’ quickly in chosen markets. This reduces time to the minimum viable product and time to making your business idea sustainable.

 If you’re interested in getting to market as quickly and cheaply as possible, with reliable customer information to guide your decision-making, talk to us today about our ideation and testing services.

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