Can your team deliver?

The management team of any enterprise has to deliver the outcomes or business results that the enterprise exists to deliver.

Having an organisation that is dependent on one person is a risk to stakeholders be they employees, customers or shareholders.

It is always better to have a balanced team that bring the full range of skills needed to run a healthy venture and ‘compete’ in an open market to deliver their vision, mission and outcomes.

Bubble and its associates can engage to understand where your team is in terms of skills, where they want to get to, and to plot a course to get there be it through training, facilitation or attracting different talent.

Who is the workshop, feasibility study or research activities for?

Organisations that are dependent on an individual.

Organisations that are looking to grow through organic growth but have been ‘flat’ for a while.

Organisations looking to complement the skills of the current team.

Organisations looking to ‘re-engineer’ the current teams outlook.

Key engagements:

Human Resource Assessment Workshops (Sometimes called a skills audit): Priced by the hour. £50.00 per hour for prep time and presentation time plus travel and material expenses.

Visioning workshops that articulate where the organisation wants to get to.

What you get/benefits.

Undertaking an engagement with Bubbles Consultants and Associates allows you to reduce your time to action and allows benefits from the industry knowledge and practical experience of seasoned professionals.

If you’re ready to take your team to the next level, talk to us today. We can help you evaluate your people and identify where you can deliver the most benefit – for your audience, and for your business.

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