Business Model Generation

A business model outlines all aspects of a business, from customer segments to cost structures – all in one place. It’s the reference point that will underpin your enterprise and enable you to visualise how you deliver value, and at what cost.

Unlike a strategic business plan, a business model is a single diagram that captures how your enterprise systematically creates value, taking into account the various elements involving customers and channels, revenue and resources, activities, partners and costs.

Through a business model you’re able to test assumptions and make changes as necessary, allowing you to hone your methods as you progress through the build-measure-learn process.

In Bubble’s business model generation service, Bubble’s consultants will introduce you to the business model canvas and the various blocks that slot together to create it. We’ll discuss your value proposition, assess your customer segments and relationships, talk through resources, revenue streams and partnerships, and look at your cost structures. 

By using the service, you should have all the information you need to start mapping out your business model canvas.

Who is Bubble’s business model service for?

Bubble’s business model mapping service is designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to visualise how their concept will covert resources into value. By piecing together all the different bits of your business, you can outline your enterprise plans in a single diagram. Over time, as you build, measure and learn, your business model is likely to change to reflect this learning cycle. 

Key themes

• Customer segments and relationships

• Value propositions and channels 

• Key resources, activities and partnerships 

• Revenue streams and cost structures

Each engagement is a ‘bespoke’ service but priced on the basis of £50.00 per hour of a Bubble Consultant or Associates time, or priced against a defined specification of what needs delivering agreed in discussion.


As an entrepreneur you benefit from the breadth of experience of Bubble and its Associates and trying your ‘value proposition’ quickly in chosen markets. This reduces time to a viable business model and time to making your business idea sustainable.

A business model gives clarity on how the different elements of enterprise work together to create value. If you’re ready to take your business plans to the next level, talk to us today about our business model mapping workshop.

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