Bubbles Marketing Process

Marketing can mean all things to all people, but there is a sophisticated process that underpins success.  Our Lead, Associate in Marketing, Adrian Stores of ACROBAT FCSM outlines some key considerations.

There’s no harm in starting with the definition promoted by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.  It offers, that: Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.”

Organisations ignore market forces at their peril.

For services or products to succeed, they must appreciate market trends which reflect present realities or calculated probabilities. Our constantly updated knowledge of market sizes, structures and trends enables our consultants to offer an unbiased overview of the likelihood and scale of success. All of our consultants have Chartered Marketer status from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and thus can be seen to not ‘rest on their laurels’.

How Bubble Enterprise view of Marketing is different

We are particularly adept at evaluating opportunities with potential for growth and diversification. 

We might propose guidance on a new business concept, advise on branding and communications, improved effectiveness of sales and marketing functions, identify initiatives for increasing revenue and profits or highlight scope for new business and/or tendering.

As an initial consideration, you might want to identify your needs by giving consideration to the below:

Regular use of market research data?

Extensive knowledge of major competitors?

Understanding the characteristics of customers? (e.g. preferences in purchasing, decision making process etc.)

Annually produce marketing plans?

Growing market share? Understand trends?

Sales increasing faster than inflation?

Confident that you sell exactly what the customer wants rather than that you are able to deliver?

Understanding of factors influencing motivation to buy?

Always make a profit on each sale?

Promotional campaign targeting specific markets?

Understanding the best method of promotion to generate sales?

Establish targets for sales for your business unit?

Benchmark your unit’s performance against competitors?

Regularly review opportunities for new ‘product’ development

Constantly investigate how prices can be used to maximum advantage?

From this self-evaluation thoughts may accrue on where you might like support.  Why not take advantage of meeting one of our Associates to put your Enterprise on the best foot forward?

How long will this take?

The initial conversation is 45 minutes by phone, Zoom, Teams or we could even meet physically (social distancing and government guideline depending!)

We will have a kick-off call to first establish your needs and then define a roadmap from that point, which will cover a variety of practical/administrative steps, as well as development recommendations.

Ready to start your own success story? Contact Bubble today, or email us with a few details and we will set up an initial no-obligation chat.

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