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What does HR (Human Resources) mean and do in the modern digital age? As technology continues to be an accelerating force for change, we continue to redefine not only the way we do enterprise and work, but what enterprise, work and careers mean for us.

Unlocking our potential – every individual’s unique talents and gifts – is something that we believe should be the main purpose of modern HR practices.

There are, of course, administrative and legal functions of HR. These transactional and legal compliance services can be satisfied with a variety of managed services and HR platforms, which allows SMEs or business owner-run organisations to automate and streamline these functions. Depending on headcount and your organisational maturity, different solutions will apply. Essentially, where you are on your journey will dictate your needs, and we’ll discuss those with you accordingly.

How Bubble Enterprise view of HR is different

At Bubble Enterprise, we want to adopt a human-centred approach to enterprise and therefore to HR. What this means is that we want to acknowledge and work with the belief that creating an environment and a culture for people to thrive in is key.

This requires us to become familiar with innate human behaviour, or qualities, such as emotional intelligence, compassion, and intuition, which in turn drive creativity, innovation and high performance. 

We also want to acknowledge key drivers for feeling good about what we do – we all want to feel connected, valued and respected. To know we are contributing meaningfully to something. So we see HR as playing a role in facilitating a team effort in self-reflection and working together to build an environment which allows people to learn, grow and thrive, to connect, innovate and perform.

Bubbles views that the diversity of our backgrounds, experiences, cultures and races is something to be valued and celebrated, it enhances any team’s potential to succeed and scale their enterprises.

As such, our HR consultancy services are centred around supporting the personal development of you and your people. To help you understand who you are, what’s really important to you and what your passions are. And, conversely, we will also help you discover what holds you back – what are your fears, doubts and worries. 

When people are empowered with a true understanding of who they are, and why they are here (in an enterprise or in life!), people feel self-motivated and inspired. 

We will also make sure that your business has a clear understanding of what it stands for (values) and why it exists (mission). 

When your ‘why’ is communicated clearly and consistently expressed through the beliefs and behaviours of leadership, along with being enshrined and embodied in internal processes, this generates a powerful culture that is in a clear alignment and a magnet to employees.

When individuals within an organisation are aligned – in purpose and action – and understand that they are respected and valued, and individually accountable for creating a harmonious working environment and generating results, everyone wins. 

This is the ‘human’ centred approach. 

How we can work together 

This is not a tick box exercise. 

This is an ongoing process of self-optimisation. 

In  fact, success is not a secret, it’s a process. But you first need to know what success looks and feels like to you. And that will be our first step on this journey – having a discovery session to establish where your business currently is and where you want it to be.

We have several HR specialists who we can engage with for consultancy, depending on your needs.

We will also be incorporating training and consultancy from certified mindset trainer Briony Gunson, who has experience in guiding individuals and teams in how the mind works to unlock their potential and achieve results.

The value of this approach will extend far beyond HR and your business. When you understand more about how the mind works, this awareness has the potential to transform your personal life as well.

How long will this take?

The initial conversation is an hour, by phone, Zoom, Teams or we could even meet physically (social distancing and government guideline depending!) We will have a kick-off call to first establish your needs and then define a roadmap from that point, which will cover a variety of practical/administrative steps, as well as personal development/mindset-based training recommendations.

Ready to start your own success story? Contact Bubble today, or email us with a few details and we will set up an initial no-obligation chat.

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