Bubbles Enterprise Engagement Programme

The Bubble Enterprise Engagement Programme (BEEP) is a four day practise-based introduction (Outer Bubble) to the skills needed to start up an enterprise – from creation of the business idea to day-one of trading- followed by continued support and skills development through membership of the Bubble Entrepreneur Network (Inner Bubble).

Bubbles Enterprise Engagement Programme engages those for whom there have been barriers to work and employment (for example: through lack of appropriate job availability, too few work opportunities due to skills and /or qualifications deficiency, stigma or prejudice) by introducing participants to the new possibilities for work creation through self-employment and/or community enterprise.

Bubbles Enterprise Engagemnet Programme breaks down myths around enterprise and the ‘self-limiting’ thinking that can prevent people from using their innovation and creativity. It inspires people to think about what they can achieve with specific support (and how), focusing on identifying and developing the skills and talents already there and recognising those they need and where/how to access them.

Bubble also demonstrate that the entrepreneurial skills needed are the same as those people use in life already to perform every-day activities such as managing money, organisation and time management, information management and communication to mention a few. 

The programme builds confidence in skills already in place and aims to motivate and enthuse people to think differently about using their time productively, developing a positive ‘can do’ approach that will raise self esteem and aspiration and help to prevent ennui. 

The programme uses team and partnership working to develop communication skills, co-operation and builds negotiation skills for a win-win result to enable successful outcomes. 

Not every participant will start their own business, but they will have gained confidence in and enhanced their skills, applied them to new scenarios within the safe and supported environment of a bubble course, which in our experience (of over 1750 participants) has led people back into education or training and to find work.                       

The Programme is divided into two distinct stages: the Outer and Inner Bubble. The Outer Bubble is the enterprise engagement course, comprising four days of practical work both in groups and individually in the range of topics that need to be considered when starting up a new business. 

These include:

Bubble Blowing– the business idea and the opportunity, making a pitch

Bubble-icious – the market, pricing, products and services, promotion

Bubble Bucks–  Finances- estimating and forecasting, cashflow, breakeven, profit and loss, funding and financing,spending and income estimates

Bubblement– compliance and regulations, legal entities, maintaining records, control systems, professional support/advisors

Bubbling Up– Business Plans, networking, getting started

The Inner Bubble is stage 2 for those who wish to continue to develop their business idea towards start-up stage and through to trading. Support is provided through the Bubble Entrepreneur Network where other fledgling entrepreneurs meet to share experiences, skill swop and trade;

Mentoring and solution focused discussions and learning sessions from established and successful businesses provide the necessary motivation and community that newly started entrepreneurs need.

If you or your company want to have the courses delivered please do contact us through the contact page by clicking here.

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