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Bidding for ‘Corporate’ or ‘Public Sector’ work can be time-consuming, costly, and with little chance of success unless you qualify the business correctly and present yourself in the right way. You may have ambitious plans for growth, but profits from a given bid might not materialise leaving you frustrated.

Tender Writing Services have set themselves up to provide a service that addresses this need.


Are you a Managing Director who left a successful career in the “Corporate World?”

Do you have ambitious plans for growth, yet profits haven’t worked out and you feel a little frustrated?

Are you struggling to hit targets, and do you understand why? Are losses down to price or something else?

Have you had a bad experience “pitching” for Government Contracts? Did it cost you a fortune to submit and after all that, you lost?

If so the Tender Writing Services process may well be for you.

The Process

Access to quality, business intelligence that will put the team in a stronger position to win?

Improve on the win-rate of every tender?

Support to help you find the “right” type of opportunity?

Opportunities that are “qualified-in” from the outset?

Up-skill members of your team to help improve sales/tender processes?

The Outcomes

Improved win rate on tenders.

Improved quality of ‘bids’.

Ultimately improved profitability in your business or social enterprise.

The offer and how to contact Joyce Pemberton of Tender Writing Services

Tender Writing Services book an hour’s call on Zoom to hold a “review”. You will be asked a lot of questions about the opportunity and your client. On the conference call Tender Writing Services

Will examine:Where you are now?

Qualify if this is a real opportunity?

Determine if you can deliver and win it?

Assess if the opportunity will be profitable for you?

This approach has saved clients £££££s bidding for contracts that were unsuitable, and helped clients focus resource on tenders that they can win.

Tender Writing Services have a “light” package available for the special price of £99.00 to complete the review TODAY when the normal price is £250.00.

Direct message Joyce Pemberton today by going to her LinkedIn page to secure a “Pick your Bids” light package for the special price of £99.00

Please note Bubble Enterprises CIC does not operate the services described on this web page.

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