NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group


Health and social care is one of the biggest and most current topics on society’s agenda and how it is shaped at a locality level is what the Stockport CCG has to plan for and worry about. How do we offer the best value health and social care for the people of Stockport within the circa £500 million budget set by the government?


The system has to work. The public has very varied needs both physical and mental, catered for by Stockport NHS Foundation Trust, Pennine Mental Health foundation Trust, the 37 General Practices in Stockport, the 63 Care Homes that operate here and several private sector organisations.

Achieving best value, best quality and best sustainable service is the balancing act that the NHS Stockport CCG has to perform.

The Process.

The board of the CCG has undergone some significant changes over the last few years introducing a significantly new team, a new constitution and some new non-executive directors, called Lay Members in the system.

The Outcomes.

Bubble Enterprises CIC Chairman Don Phillips is now the Lay Member for Lived Experience and Public Engagement working for NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group three days a month.

The role involves the following:

Attendance at the monthly governing body meeting.

Chairing the Quality committee.

Vice-Chair of the Primary Care Network committee.

Vice-Chair of the Audit committee.

Chairman of the Remuneration and Compensation committee. 

‘Involvement’ in the Public Involvement Network.

Should you wish to give Don any input on the role or the system please contact him by e-mail in the first instance:

dp@bubbleenterprises.co.uk or don.phillips@nhs.net

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