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Gary, the owner of Little Large Canine Solutions, is in the process of turning his passion and knowledge of schooling large dogs into a viable business that will meet the needs of his life.


When you are running a business as a sole entrepreneur, especially one that requires the owner to do all the work walking dogs, its is a challenge to create the space and time to plan and implement a new business model that will satisfy your desire to create a viable business.

The process

Gary and Bubble are working through a process of creating a business plan. the core of which is walking large dogs. Gary is looking for individuals who will share his passion and be able to assist with the walking in the Levenshulme and Stockport areas. (Please contact Gary by e-mail on if you can assist.)

There are several areas of knowledge that have been built through this work that are going to form the basis of creating new revenue streams.

Dog nutrition: Knowing what to feed your dog and the best balance of diet that will help their health and well being is an area that Gary’s experience will help.

Dog training: Establishing the right behaviours in your dog can have many benefits to both your dog and the people you come into contact with. How you go about training your dog is an area that Gary has significant practical advice that he is willing to get share with you at an initial appointment.

Coaching dog owners: Being able to manage a dog through its life is a skill, and learning from someone who loves dogs and loves developing them can help the enjoyment of the owner and the dog. Gary is available for an initial consultation as to how he can help owners get the most out of the ownership.

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Ultimately a dog is ‘a best friend’ and Little Large Canine Solutions wants to assist as many dogs and owners as possible to lead happy, contented and active lives. Please do contact Gary if you wish to take advantage of his experience.

Please note Bubble Enterprises does not operate the services described on this web page.

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