EVE Writing Services

EVE Writing Services is a boutique copywriting and content creation agency based in Stockport, Greater Manchester. We work with individual clients, businesses and agencies to provide optimised copy, blog posts, case studies, news content, press releases and more.

Who we are

Established in 2007, EVE Writing Services is run by director and chief copywriter Francesca Newton. With a background in content marketing, Francesca has 15 years’ experience producing compelling copy across sectors including property, education, business, motoring, retail and beauty.

Francesca is supported by a network of creative freelancers, including junior writers, graphic designers and web developers, providing a range of digital services all under one roof.

What we do

EVE Writing Services helps clients identify their brand voice, their values and mission. We condense and clarify information to make sure that what you say resonates with your audience.

Our services include SEO website copy, blog posts, content and keyword direction, press releases, slogans, advertorials, news writing, case studies and copy editing. 

Why we do it

We’re passionate about the power of words to move readers to action. And yes, we’re also pretty picky about SPAG. Through the written word you have an opportunity to make an impression on your readers – will it be the right impression, though?

EVE Writing Services works with individual entrepreneurs, businesses and agencies to make every word count. 

Get in touch:

Tel: 07812905463

Email: evewritingservices@gmail.com

Facebook: EVE Writing Services

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