Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology: A Guide to Core Models and Tools.

“Entrepreneurs are fabled in the press, sometimes in the history-books, and are acknowledged with a special place in economic theory. The combination of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology has become the source of disruptive business models that transform industries and markets.

The integrative understanding of these three drivers of today’s economy is fundamental to business. This book aims to connect core models and tools that are already created by well-known authors and scholars in order to deliver a unique guide for building successful business models through the adoption of new technologies and the use of effective innovation methods.

The book is composed of five chapters as follows:

  • Chapter 1 presents the managerial processes of the entrepreneurial life-cycle. This goes through the different stages of business opportunities, ideation and testing, business model generation, resource acquisition, management and execution.
  • Chapter 2 describes the process of business model innovation and situates this as a fundamental part of a broader entrepreneurial life-cycle. The chapter goes through the concepts of business models, disruptive technologies, disruptive innovation and the different ways in which the innovation of business models occur.
  • Chapter 3 presents core methods and tools that support innovation across the entrepreneurial life-cycle.
  • Chapter 4 describes the skills required to manage the entrepreneurial journey and the innovation process based on technology adoption.
  • Finally, chapter 5 presents an integrative approach of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology in a way that connects one another to the creation of business value.

The entrepreneurial journey is very difficult, almost by definition. We hope you enjoy your journey overall, and that you overcome the challenges and embrace the successes.

As you progress along your entrepreneurial road, we also hope that you take full advantage of the models and tools explained.”

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