Getting ‘things’ done

At Bubble we get engaged with many entrepreneurs who provide colour to our lives through their imagination, flair, interesting propositions and often passion for existing and new markets. All the conversations are thought provoking and I am often reminded that it is a privilege and a pleasure to get involved in these discussions. But, as you can probably feel, there is a however.

These conversations are stimulating, yes, and they give us the chance at Bubble to

  • Demonstrate personal experience
  • Coach and advise regarding specific situations
  • Apply the planning and development templates that we use

But I find myself staring at the number of conversations where agreed actions are not followed through on, where that next shiny interesting meeting overrides the one that might lead to another order and as coaches and mentors we find ourselves discussing why no action that is going to benefit the project or business has been followed through on when we have the next follow up meeting.

I contrast this with the businesses both small and large that I have been involved in and noting some of the traits you find within them.

  • They tend to have a culture that assumes actions will get done
  • They tend to have an environment where attention to detail is celebrated
  • They tend to review progress on all key activities closely

In short they get things done!

This is particularly true when it comes to driving their order generation, all the world class companies are superb at it. Most those that stay relatively small tend to regard it a necessary evil.

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