Enterprise and communities

It is the view of Bubble Enterprises that all all companies should have a community interest, be that a place, a space, or even a sector

In Bubbles case its the mental health community and particularly working with people who have a diagnosed issues to offer them ways of acquiring the skills and techniques that will allow them to run enterprises of their own. This has the dual benefit of potentially assisting in the creation of jobs and revenue into the local communities that they serve, but also has the secondary benefit of lowering the burden on the health and social care budgets, that as we know gobble most of the tax pounds we pay here in the UK.

Many communities become defined by the companies that are founded within them or by the entrepreneurs who were born within them and now operate the famous companies that are headquartered there. You can think of:

  • Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard who founded Hewlett-Packard in a garage in Silicon Valley California and spawned the vast technology sector that is still headquartered there.
  • Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates who both live and run their business empires (Amazon and Microsoft) from Seattle in Washington State USA.
  • Volkswagon is the dominant company in Wolfsburg Germany or Mercedez-Benz in Stuttgart.
  • Birmingham and Manchester in the UK are associated with the Industrial Revolution and being the industrial heartland creating many communities and employing vast numbers of people through their enterprise skills

The last example demonstrating the value of enterprise management skills as you need to refresh your product offering and continually grow your capabilities and your community.

It is through doing this consciously and consistently that a business maintains a healthy state and can deliver benefits to communities long term. It is assisting companies with the processes and techniques for supporting innovation that Bubble exists.

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