Tools and techniques from ‘the book’

Through our entrepreneurial  journey we have amassed many tools and techniques, many that have found their way into the book we assisted in writing. The list of tools and techniques discussed include:

  • The five forces model
  • The lean startup model
  • The business model canvas
  • 10 ways to finance your startup list
  • The five phase process to funding a startup
  • The customer development process
  • Four types of process that make up a balanced scorecard
  • Business processes and their key activities
  • Potential disruptive technologies list
  • Definition of a business model and examples
  • Discussing disruptive innovation
  • Six questions about business model innovation
  • Design thinking
  • The innovator’s method
  • Contrasting ‘open’ and ‘closed’ innovation
  • The AC/DC model of capacity
  • The ‘Exploration’ and ‘Exploitation’ behaviours within the innovative processes
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Visual thinking
  • Mind mapping
  • Convergent/Divergent thinking
  • The NUF test
  • Force field analysis
  • Value chain analysis
  • Summary of skills needed for entrepreneurship
  • The five levers of exponential growth
  • The integrated approach to Entrepreneurship and Innovation

So much content that could be discussed, or read about. Please do make contact should you wish to use the techniques or tools

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