Tracey Hardcastle

Location: England, Cheshire Speciality: Information Technology and Communications

Tracey is the vuce president of operations, leading the operations teams to provide the foundation for CANCOM UK to deliver their services and products to their Customers.

She is also responsible for the integration of the UK business in to the CANCOM Group, managing the change in processes and systems to enable the business to perform better and more efficiently.

This builds on her strategy & planning experience of helping businesses to understand where they are today, working with them to determine where they would like to get to then working alongside them to achieve the outcomes they deem to be ‘success’.

Her focus is to ‘facilitate’ and ‘enable’ people and businesses to succeed.

She is an experienced Strategy & Planning Executive,happy to work independently, or part of a local or global team

Tracey has strong business planning skills and proven successful implementations, always focussed on achieving the right results for the individuals, the business and it’s customers.

Partners and Clients