Julie Widdowson

Location: England, Cheshire, Stockport Speciality: Mindfullness, Healthcare

Julie lives and works in the Stockport Cheshire area of the UK as a hypnotherapist, trainer and intuitive coach, helping clients recognise, understand and implement the changes they need to make in their lives in order to achieve their goals.

Her relevant qualifications in this field include an Advanced Diploma of Creative Hypnotherapy (ADCHyp) gained from the Northern College of Creative Hypnotherapy and a GQHP diploma (General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice). This is awarded by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) to suitably qualified hypnotherapy practitioners. Cert’Ed (Certificate in Education) from Manchester University.

Julie is also registered with the GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register) whom, along with the GHSC, are one of the leading recognised UK regulatory organisations in the field of hypnotherapy.

So, Why Choose her As Your Hypnotherapist And Coach?

Julie’s response would be because she is passionate about her work, which is client-led. It is all about you the client, not the therapist. She draws out of you, what you need to do to make the changes that you need to make for your health.

Happiness and Well-Being

Julie believes that each and every one of us has the ability to access the ‘all-knowing’ part of ourselves. She helps you to access that part of yourself, because truly there is only you who knows the real you.

We are all unique.

She will teach you the techniques to help go within yourself and explore so that you can understand the positive changes you wish to make.

On a more personal note, her career history extends back to the 1980’s, when she first qualified in the field of Beauty Therapy. During her studies and later in practice, she was always amazed by the way the human body can repair and mend itself.

Later, Julie went on to be awarded her Certificate of Education (Cert’Ed), which enabled Julie to teach as a tutor in Further Education establishments. Amongst others, she taught at Warrington Collegiate, helped adults with learning difficulties, where Julie taught health & beauty and healthy lifestyles.

Throughout her life there have been many changes. Julie has been inspired to take holistic training – including reflexology and Indian head massage. Julie is also a Reiki Master. It was whilst undertaking Reiki training that she came to realise that the mind plays a major part in healing the body, and that’s when Julie decided to look into the field of hypnotherapy.

Julie contacted the NCOCH (Northern College of Creative Hypnotherapy) and later met tutors Jonathan Lloyd and Ray Jenkinson, who were profoundly inspiring. After talking to them, she knew that hypnotherapy was the right course for her! Julie has personally made some amazing life changes during and since the course. Whilst training at NCOCH she underwent some wonderful experiences, one of which was channelling energy.

Since then, having gained her qualifications and during her years of experience as a practising hypnotherapist, Julie has helped hundreds of clients connect to that powerful, loving energy within themselves and all that is!

Currently Julie has a busy practice in Stockport and Cheadle Hulme in Cheshire. She is passionate about her work and proud to have been included in the training team at NCOCH.

Julie has gone on to do many other courses and has certificates in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Mindfulness also pain management, Parts Therapy, Grief & Anxiety and so much more.

Julie runs workshops and hold talks on ‘The Power of The Mind’, weight issues, stress and depression, limiting beliefs, past lives, self-hypnosis, meditation and more.

Partners and Clients