Gillian Walsh

Location: England, Cheshire, Stockport Speciality: Media, Coaching and Training, Design

Gillian was a twenty something Manchester based single party animal looking for a hobby. That’s when she fell in love with photography. She’s a true believer in the saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. She  doesn’t capture pictures; She captures Life. She preserves your memories, smiles and emotions.

She understands the importance of feeling at ease with your photographer. She soothes your newborn to sleep for those perfect sleepy images, She makes your growing baby giggle for sitter sessions and cake smashes. You will have fun on a family location shoot or lifestyle shoot so Gillian captures real moments, real happiness and your lovely unique family dynamic. She blend into the background as your Wedding Photographer so that she captures the special essence of your day without disruption..

Being photographed can be a little daunting, for children and adults alike. Being at ease is vital but it doesn’t always happen immediately. Gillian will be patient with your little one so that she can capture the shots you love. She understands that you might feel self conscious in front of the camera, and she will put you at ease so that you shine. So many times Gillians been told ‘I always hate pictures of me but then you took this and I love it’.

Such a huge privilege for her to give you that.

All too often we say “I must get round to getting some photo’s of the kids’ and then like a flash the time is gone and before we know if they’re all grown up. Don’t delay. Savour and preserve those moments…not just the big ones…the little ones too; a child’s glance at a loving mother, a sweet girl walking amongst the flowers, a playful sibling moment on an autumn day. They often end up being the most cherished times.

Your Photography session should be an enjoyable experience. If you’d like Photography to be an experience you enjoy rather than endure, then I’m the Photographer for you…so give me a call!

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