Ed Fish

Location: England, Cheshire Speciality: Coaching and Training

As a critical thinker, I want to know as much as I can about everything. My ambition is to share that journey with as many people as possible. I believe that life is not a ‘zero-sum game’ and my “mission” is to ‘increase the size of the pie’ so we can all live “better and happier lives”.

My personal journey has seen me travel from science to engineering to projects with increasing levels of innovation; with a dose of understanding people. With a focus on generalisation I am positioning myself on the edge so that I can see what is outside the box, and not just think outside of it.

I developed a project management system that became the basis for a paper presented at the International Project Management Association 16th World Congress. This is a scalable tool that I use to help companies establish or improve project management systems.

Projects are inevitably about innovation, both the technology and the culture change they bring with them. Bringing innovation and Design Thinking to the table helps with not only technology problems but wicked social problems, too. My aim is to help organisations navigate both the technological and social change that is needed for innovation.

This crazy journey has led me to see common themes in a variety of areas because they are all about solving problems and making decisions. This has in turn started a series of books, most still working their way towards publication and an increasing collection of presentations (yet to appear on the internet).

Design Thinking
Project Management / project systems
Coaching / personal development
Hazard Studies / HazOp / process safety /risk assessment

AKA/Common Misspellings: Edward Fish, Edward Fisher, Edmund Fisher, Ed Fish

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