Dr Hayley Trowbridge

Location: England, Shropshire, Oswestry Speciality: Healthcare, Third Sector, Charities
Hayley is the strategic lead of People’s Voice Media and oversees the delivery of their UK and European research, innovation, civic engagement, education and co-production projects.
As well as directing the organisation’s business development and entry into new sectors and spaces, she is a core part of the facilitation team that uses storytelling practices to support people to have a voice on the issues that are pertinent to them. Hayley works with people, communities and organisations to equip them with the skills to use narratives of lived experiences to create social change.
Outside of this role, Hayley is also a Project Consultant, Participatory Researcher and Creative Facilitator, with experience of working in (digital) arts, research, formal and informal education and community development. She has a keen focus on using technology to enhance people’s lives, develop skills and capacity (at both individual and organisational levels), and to address social and cultural inequalities. Her specialisms include project management and facilitation.
She also has a PhD in the field of media convergence, awarded by the University of Liverpool and has a number of publications relating both to this area of study as well as her current practice.

Partners and Clients