Don Phillips

Location: England, Greater Manchester, Stockport

Don is the Chairman of Bubble Enterprises CIC and leading the initiative to facilitate Bubble managing its knowledge and delivering it on-line.

His passion is social enterprise, ‘business for good’, based on the positive impact enterprise can have on both individuals and communities.

He earns his living out of assisting business and the third sector develop there organisational capabilities, people and resilience. He bases this on his experience and skill sets in ‘business development’ honed over a 35 year career in the IT industry and over 12 years as the Chairman of Bubble Enterprises CIC.

He is a passionate believer in lifelong learning and leveraging the internet’s many assets to assist this. (with the proviso that you put the knowledge to work for the benefit of your stakeholders through action!)

His current roles are:

  1. Chairman of Bubble Enterprises CIC
  2. Lay Member for Public Engagement and Lived Experience at NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group
  3. Chairman of CARISMA Services, a not for profit organisation addressing conflict resolution and community cohesion
  4. Freelance Commercial Director at Apenify UK Ltd, advising on the development of their unified playbook management system.
  5. Hub Leader in the Inspire* Charity.

He leverages his extensive knowledge in:

  1. The order generation process (Sales, Bid Management)
  2. The marketing process. (Positioning your product or service)
  3. The customer service process. (CRM is its broadest sense)
  4. The distribution process. (Getting your product or service represented globally)
  5. The production process. (How you make your product or service)
  6. The design process. (How you model and conceive your product, service or business model)
  7. The research process. (Helping build your knowledge bank)
  8. The human resources process. (Your most important asset)
  9. The information technology process. (Applications, Application Development, Cloud, Big Data, Security, Mobile, The Internet of Things and the underpinning Security, Servers, Storage and Networking Devices.)
  10. The legal process. (Commercial contracts and risk management)
  11. The finance process. (Getting the right money, from the right source at the right time)
  12. The asset management process. (Managing your cost base and value of all the businesses assets)
  13. The process of management (General Management, Business Planning, Change Management, Risk Management, Business Impact Analysis, Governance)

His experience derives from having worked at the following organisations as either an employee or a contractor.

  1. Hewlett-Packard Ltd. (20 Years)
  2. Arrow ECS Ltd. (4 Years)
  3. Aspenify UK Ltd
  4. Kavanagh Systems Ltd. (4 Years)
  5. Theorem Solutions Ltd.
  6. Monaia UK Ltd
  7. Rainmaker Consulting Ltd.
  8. Renuma Consulting Ltd.
  9. The United Reformed Church. A charity. (20 Years)
  10. I Love Communities Ltd.
  11. CARISMA Services Ltd.
  12. Bubble Enterprises CIC. (14 Years)
  13. Seed Enterprises CIC.
  14. NHS Stockport CCG, A membership organisation.
  15. The Inspire*. A charity.

Always enjoys coaching and mentoring people, charities and businesses when they see value in his experience. Please do get in touch.


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