Anton Iacono

Location: England, Cheshire, Stockport Speciality: Information Technology and Communications, Healthcare, Third Sector, Local Government, Coaching and Training

Anton is a talented lady, she brings your ideas to life and helps you communicate them to the wor;d, bringing the world to your door.

She has a strong background in all aspects of building and managing websites and social media, and ‘brain’ behind the Bubble social media platforms.


  1. Web Development,
  2. Mobile web,
  3. Lecturing,
  4. HTML (including HTML5)
  5. CSS (including CSS3),
  6. PHP,
  7. Mobile Learning,
  8. Serious Games,
  9. Games for Social Mobility,
  10. Mobile Technology,
  11. Mobile and Games Development,
  12. J2ME,
  13. Actionscript,
  14. Flash,
  15. Photoshop.
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