Bubble Enterprises

Who we are

Based in the North West of England, Bubble Enterprises assist with the conception, planning and resourcing of early-stage businesses.

Encompassing community interest company Bubble Enterprises CIC and private consultancy Bubble Partnership Ltd, we deliver a comprehensive service across six brands: Partnership, Consulting, Education, Cafes and Pods.

Uniquely, we not only train and coach entrepreneurs in the skills they need to succeed in business, but as a CIC are heavily invested in social enterprise with a mental health focus.

Bubble Enterprises assists individuals facing mental health challenges with building and implementing business ideas – in turn, promoting confidence, independence and empowerment.

Achieve your business goals with Bubble Enterprises

You’ve got the idea – we’ve got the expertise to make it happen. The consultants at Bubble Enterprises can help you plan, develop and operate a successful business, no matter what stage you’re at in your personal journey.


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Our Projects

We have dedicated more than a decade to helping our clients achieve their business ambitions. From individuals to local authorities, our consultants have helped launch ventures, develop projects and build skills for success. Click through for more information about the projects we’ve worked on across the following client sectors:

Supporting Social Enterprise

The community interest element of Bubble Enterprises was established with the sole objective of delivering valuable startup services to entrepreneurs who face mental health challenges.

We believe that through enterprise, many budding businessmen and women with mental health conditions can build a route to independent and fulfilled living.

Our consultants offer a suite of support, coaching, training and mentoring services designed to engage, inform, involve and include individuals – and organisations supporting them – to create sustainable businesses and interventions. Bubble Enterprises works to the following process: 


We meet with entrepreneurs to discuss their needs, potential, and business ideas.


A course of action is agreed and together, we begin to create a positive business model.


The business is legally created, personnel are recruited and market engagement plans drawn up.


If the venture develops sustainably, we offer operational assistance in areas such as HR, IT, finance and asset management.

Partners and Clients