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How we can help your business

Bubble Partnership Ltd is a consultancy specialising in providing entrepreneurial support to early stage businesses. We do this through spending time with entrepreneurs, planning there businesses, developing the talent associated with the ventures and on occasion providing the operational services that support the ventures.  


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Our Projects

Here are some of the clients who have achieved successes using Bubble consulting services and partnerships. Over 750 individuals have been through Bubble training courses and the following are examples of projects developed.

Bubbles community interest.

Bubble Enterprises CIC was founded to serve the broad community that is people who have had a diagnosed mental health issue. Bubble offers a suite of support, coaching, training and mentoring services that support those who want to use ‘enterprise’ as the vehicle to navigate life moving forward.

Bubble goes through a process of engaging, informing, involving and including the individuals and organisations supporting them to create sustainable businesses and interventions.


Bubbles work in engagement is two fold:

A meeting that will discuss the needs and potential of individuals who may want to start a business.

A facilitated planning session to assess if the business ideas are going to be viable and sustainable.  


When a course of action has been agreed Bubble will get involved in the detailed planning of the business to agree what resources will be required, where they will come from and how they can be best deployed to achieve a positive business model.


Should the entrepreneur  wish, Bubble will assist the formation of the legal entity, assist in recruiting personnel and, if appropriate develop the market engagement plans.


Should the ‘opportunity’ develop to be a sustainable business model and the entrepreneur wish it, bubble will become involved in providing operational services to the business that could include Operations, Finance, Human Resource Management, IT deployment and Management and Sales Operations. 

Partners and Clients