Bubble are a team of consultants specialising in imparting entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, experience and advice to 



Public sector 



Educational programmes

Bubble do this through a process of listening and understanding requirements and then offering bespoke packages of work that help

Plan the business or project

Develop the teams skills, management techniques and capabilities through coaching

In certain circumstances Bubble will become involved in Operating the business to demonstrate capabilities, prove a concept or assist with individuals development.

This has led to a long track record of delivering projects and businesses many of which have had a significant positive impact on the communities within which they operate. This led to the creation in 2007 of a community interest company specifically looking at the area of mental health and how 'enterprise' can be used as a vehicle to assist in the individuals 'recovery' programmes, promoting both social and economic inclusion. (Providing a 'bubble' of support)

So you will engage with us as either Bubble Partnership Ltd (a consultancy) or Bubble Enterprises CIC (a community interest company)

Whichever way you wish to engage please do get in contact with us and have an initial discussion on if we can assist you or your venture.


Bubble have been involved in the delivery of many plans with different purposes covering different aspects of ventures life-cycle. These include the following:

Legal structure planning, Business planning, including demonstrating investment readiness

Implementation planning, business and product launch plans

I.T. plans, Risk and compliance planning.


Throughout the life-cycle of the projects and businesses Bubble have been involved in a variety of services have been delivered including:

Coaching and mentoring services, Teaching business skills to teams and students, 

'Breakthrough' facilitation to focus 'effort' withing a given project or service


To demonstrate concepts or provide employment and volunteering opportunities within the health and social care arena Bubble have operated a variety of business such as Business Incubation Centres and cafe's.  The Directors and Consultants have run organisations in Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, Reselling and Consultancy Businesses. This has resulted in direct experience in running, operating and often selling different legal entities.

(LLP, Ltd, CIC, CIO, Co-operatives)


Manchester University